5 Money Saving Tips

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Since having my daughter I realised I can’t spend as much money on beauty and make up products that I used to do. I would not think about going to spend a fair bit of money on make up or beauty and never using products up because of the fact that I could go and purchase a new whatever I wanted to review on my blog. However now I am going to have to keep a tighter eye on my finances which means using all the products which I have in my stash to have more money and also more space for things. I also know January is a month in which people hardly have any money left due to Christmas.

Swap products in every couple of weeks- this then gives you the feeling that you have been shopping and have new products when in fact you are using things which you already had in your stash however were no using and no doubt had forgotten you had.

Sell products which you don’t want– I have started advertising things which are in good condition on local selling Facebook pages were people come to your house and collect them so you do no have to deliver. I have sold some brand new toys which my brother had never played with making him some money and also making me some space since I have swapped rooms with him. Any money you make this way can be saved or spent on products which you wanted to treat yourself to.

Use Ebay– Wanted some new converse and found a pair which had only been used once or twice and they were delivered to me for only £23.50 which is a saving of around £13 which always helps and they had been barely worn which did not bother me. Sometimes you can find some really good bargains on here again you could us local selling Facebook pages to see if you could get some bargains on items you are looking for.

Unsubscribe from company newsletters-  They will only send you the latest offers which will tempt you on to the site which can end up in you spending money which you do not really have or want to spend just due to checking your emails.

Don’t take your bank card shopping– You can only then spend the money which you have on you which means that you have to stick to the budget because you can not put items on your card as well as the fact that you can not take money out and use that as payment.

Do you have any more tops to save money?

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  1. I like your last tip! Although I tend to put everything on a credit card – which is why I now have debt! So really, I ought to apply your tip to my life! Might end up not spending!

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