Time for Change

Hi Guys

After spending a week at home in my old room I realised how many beauty products and other items I still have there which I am doing nothing with they are just sitting there collecting dust waiting for me to reach for them again,

I have decided that I am going to use as much of them as I can because otherwise it is a waste of money right?. I have taken so many products which I know that I am going to run out of at uni soon back with me so that I can use these up instead of purchasing more when I already have these in my stash. Hopefully this will help me reduce my stash as well as save some money who know I might rediscover an old favourite which I had completely forgotten about.

Obviously if I am at uni and unable to travel home and need a product and noting can do the job then I can purchase the item, This is not a spending ban as such it is more of a change of lifestyle because I will admit I have become part of the I need it I will buy it culture we have.

I will still be doing hauls I have a few to post from before these changes however more shopping in my stash and reviews will be coming on this blog which I am sure you are looking forward to. Once I get in my skin in a condition where I am happy with it I am going to be sharing make up looks using some products which I have forgotten about. I will be doing wishlists when I want products and then looking back each month to see if I still want that product or if it would have been an impulse purchase.

Don’t worry I am not ending this blog I am merely making some slight changes to my life. I hope you understand.

Charlotte x

4 thoughts on “Time for Change

  1. I am one of the worst for seeing new products and having to purchase them meaning that I have way to many of everything. I think more people should use things up and then it may make other bloggers reduce their collections a little bit. I can't wait to see what I rediscover either.

    Charlotte x

  2. Aww don't worry they will be a lot of reviews coming up. I really need to make some of my older items feel loved and get them used up. I feel like a lot of the bloggers need the newest products and forget about what they used to love,

    Charlotte x

  3. I have literally just been thinking the same thing!! I have so many products that I have bought or been given and I just forget how many of I have got and it is all too easy just to pick up more when I am out shopping, so I am going to sort through EVERYTHING probably on bank holiday monday, photograph it and put it in some kind of order and blog about using it up!! Good luck and I cant wait to see what you re discover!!


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