Do you love your smile?

Hi Guys

Loving my smile is something which I really struggle to do. The reason why I think that I struggle with it so much is because of the fact that my teeth are not perfectly white due to the fact that I am addicted to drinking coffee which can stain your teeth,

My teeth are also not perfectly straight which is something which I would love to change as well. I think since I have grown up this is something which I have hated more and more maybe this is due to the fact that I have become more self concious of my smile.

I have done some research and have found The Centre of Advanced Dentistry Yorkshire who are based in Wakefield. I think when I get some free time I am going to go and have a free consultation to see how much and how I would go about the process of making me more confident. I think that I would start with the problem of my teeth not been straight because of the fact that I know this would it take more time to correct than the whitening.

Would you ever have work done to make your smile perfect?

Charlotte x

This post is sponsored by The Centre of Advanced Dentistry Yorkshire

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