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Hi Guys
I am really sorry not posed on here since way back in January. One of the reasons is I have been so busy with uni work when I have not been doing that the last thing I wanted was to come on my laptop and write posts. Hopefully this will improve now as I have 3 weeks off which will be spent revising followed by 3 exams. After this period of time I hope not to be working late into the night so can create content for you guys.
I seem to have something happening every weekend since the start of February and this does not look like calming down way into May, Some of the weekends which are coming up I might share with you. Up to now I have not done so due to the pure fact a few of them have just been to watch rugby or spend some time with family which has not really something which I thought you would be interested in let me know if I am wrong. 
I spent valentines day with my boyfriend which was amazing he cooked me a chicken stirfry and we watched Hanna. Watching films is something which we love to do to do together. I am gutted that we can not go and see the new fast and furious film together guess I will have to take my brother instead saying that waiting 3 weeks to see the new avengers film will also be a killer but due to the fact we can not be together any time sooner after it is released I guess I will have to wait. 
What have you guys been up to?
Charlotte x

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