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Hey Guys
Today I have decided that I am going to share what is in my every day make up bag some of the items have no changed a bit because I have started to transition into autumn make up but this is what I have been using over the summer months. 
I am going to start with the bases which I have been using which are both really sample sizes because of the fact that summer is a good time for me to use these samples because of the fact that I don’t use foundation every day. The first one is Nars Sheer Glow in the Shade Deauville I got this a while back when I went to Manchester a while back and I have fallen in love with this foundation so I have decided that before I go back to uni I may have to get it because I think it could be amazing for nights out because it doesn’t have SPF in it so no flashback. 
The other foundation I have been using is technically a BB cream it is the Rimmel BB cream matte in Light. I got this mini sample when I made a superdrug order so I decided to try it because I have never really found one which I like but this one has impressed me if I don’t want a whole face of make up and it lets my skin breathe a bit. I am still unsure if I love this BB cream but I do have a whole load of BB creams to try while the weather is nice.
On my eyes to make my eyeshadow stay I have been using either the Urban Decay primer potion which you will notice is n the old style packaging I love to use this if I am going somewhere for a long time because of the fact it seems to last all day long. I do have two of the full size ready waiting for this to run out if you haven’t tried it you should.
The other primer which I have been using is one from ELF it is there eyelid primer in the shade Champagne. I used this if I am not going out for the whole day or need my make up for the whole day it is a lot cheaper than the urban decay one but I don’t think it is as good in my opinion but that may just be me. It is just £2 which would be perfect for someone who is just getting into make up. 
If I am using eyeshadows which are not in my palletes which I will do a blog post on later if you would like let me know I have been using the Maybelline Color tattoo in on and on bronze. I have been using this if I just want a bit of colour on my eyes and can’t be bother or have time to do my make up. I will be using this again when I need to put some colour on my eyes and run to a lecture because I have overslept. I love this product and think maybe I do need to get some more of them in different shades.
I have been trying to use some of my eye products which are not in palletes so this summer I have been trying to use Rimmel Scandeleyes in Bulletproof Beige as well as the Bad girl bronze. These are another product which I love because of the ease of them because you can just glide them all the way across you lid and you are ready to go also you can use as a base which I have been doing sometimes when going out. 
For eyeliner I have used the Avon supershock gel liner in Black now this is a product which I love to hate due the fact that no matter how hard you seem to press to remove it at the end of the day it doesn’t seem to want to move an inch this is good because you can forget abut it and not worry about having to reapply it which has been great in the warm weather we have had.
If I wanted to be able to remove my black eyeliner without a battle at the end of the day I reached for my ELF eyeliner crayon in Pitch Black . Even though it claims to be waterproof I don’t think it is the best for this but if you know you will be removing your make up after a short period of time why not use it because the pigment is great. 
If I have not wanted black on my eyes for eyeliner I have been reaching for the Avon glimmersticks diamond in Sugar Plum this is a bit of a purple colour which is a little bit less harsh than the blacks which I normally reach out for much I must say I love this when going for a nudish look.
The Mascara which I have been using is Rimmel Sexy Curves in brown/black 002 now this mascara you can no longer purchase I used to love it but now it has dried up so I am going to have to throw this away I  have been trying to use this up because it seemed to make my lashes clump together and this was never something I wanted to happen. 
For blush I have been using Sleek Rose Gold I love how it gives you some colour and shimmer without looking like you are applying glitter on your face which I think it should I apply Nars Orgasm from swatches I have done previously . I think I am in love with this blush anyway and recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. 
What have you been using this Summer?
Charlotte x

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  1. I study sports science at uni.

    Yes I am going to do a post which shows what lipsticks I have been loving in a post next week so thought it would be pointless doing it twice .

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