Autumn Tag 2014

Hey Guys
I have decided that I am going to do the autumn tag now it may be too late in your opinion or too early but it starts once the it is the middle of september I don’t know why but maybe it is because the children have gone back to school and I am thinking about getting back to uni. I saw this tag on the amazing Becca’s blog you should check her out if you haven’t already.
What’s your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/ Costa / Cafe Nero? 
Now these have not come out for this year now so I can’t really comment on what it is going to be.  I think it will be something like a latte or something similar because it is not until the Christmas drinks come out that I get that interested when I can have black forest hot chocolate from Costa and the one that tastes like Kinder Buenros from Starbucks but I can’t think what they are called.
Accessories – what do you opt for, scarves, boots or gloves?

I must admit I would rather wear boots if you can class them as an accessory I picked up some amazing ones in the River Island sale on boxing day. I have been wearing them through the summer months but I know that I am going to get even more wear out of them in the autumn months.

Music – what’s your favourite music to listen to?

I didn’t know that people changed their music depend on the season I am not even a massive fan of Christmas music so I will be listening to the usually mix of random music that can be found in my playlists.

Candles – what scents will you be burning this season?


I am amazed that  I can now burn these at my uni house which means I am going to be able to burn some autumn one which I can’t wait to be able to burn is the Black Cherry from Yankee Candle I know this may not be the best autumn scent but it is the one which I love the most for autumn.
 Perfume – What is your favourite scent for this time of year?
I don’t have an autumn one yet sou have one that you love let me know in the comments because I am on the hunt for one and it could be one which you recommend to me. 

What do you love about autumn?
I love been able to wrap up in covers and have snuggles while watching a film and also drinking hot chocolate but I know this will not be happening as much this autumn because I am not going to see my boyfriend a lot because of him been in the army which means we don’t spend a lot of time together but when we do it is so special.
Favourite make up look?

I would say that one of my favouite make up looks is very neutral eye make up with black eyeliner and mascara then on my lips something which is dark and vampy sometimes I do change it up and do it the opposite way so have a dark smokey eye and a nude or light lip.

What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?

I am looking forward to going back to uni because I miss them so much and always have so much fun with them it also means that I get to do some cute things planning for Christmas and the events which I am going to around the end of the year but you will hear about them nearer the time.
I am not going to tag selected people but if anyone wants to do this tag I tag you just leave me a link in the comments because I would love to read yours.
Charlotte x

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