The Summer Tag

Hey Guys

Recently the weather has become nicer which has made me want to do the summer tag because I almost believe that it is summer. I have not been tagged to do this but decided to do it off my own back this post is currenlty been written with me laying in the garden.

1 What’s your favourite thing about Summer?

Having the sun on my back and been able to read for pleasure which is not something that I get to do when I am at uni because I have to read around my subject.

2.Do you have a favourite summer drink?

I don’t really I don’t have a drink which I in the summer months but I guess you could say that I drink more smoothies in these months when it is warm I may do some posts on the ones that I have made recently.

3. Is there a location that you like to go to every summer?

There is not but I do like been able to the sea side to get some fish and chips after a nice hot day this is something we actually got to do this last week and it was amazing due to the fact that I think it is one of the only things that you can do when it is too warm for all other food.

4. Favourite Make up for Summer?

Is it a shock that in the summer months I hardly wear any make up concealer mascara and blush and sometimes a dash of lipstick and that is usually me done even more so when it is really warm and I am trying to get a tan.

5. Dresses or skirts?

Shock I don’t own a skirt actually I may own one so for me it would have to be dresses or shorts I just think that they look better on me.

6.  Sandles or Ballet Pumps?

It would have to be ballet pumps for me I just think that they look nicer and it also means that you don’t have to have your toe nails painted which saves a lot of time it is always a blessing preferring pumps to sandles and I also think that they are easier to put on and don’t seem to rub on me.

7.  Do you prefer you hair up or down for summer?

On hot days when I have things to do I prefer it up so it is off my face and not in the way by getting stuck to me gross I know but when I don’t have things to do I would have it down because I hate always having it up maybe it is just me

8. Deep smokey eye or bold lip?

I would say bold lip because I think it screams summer to me more than an a smokey eye does but I do sometimes do a smokey eye when I am going for a night out but for every day in the summer months I would have to stick with a bold lip.

9. Favourite summer scent?

I am one of those people who change their scent not very often but in the summer months I change it so that I can use some of the smaller bottles of things such as body sprays and perfume that I have a little bit left of but if I am going out it has to be CK One Shock I love that so much. I feel a blog post to that beauty coming up

10. Finally favourite music for the Summer?

I am sure that summer is one of the only time of the year were I listen to what is in the charts this is because usually the must is uplifing and makes up think how amazing summer is which can be true I guess them back to what some people may call emo music in the autumn.

What’s you favourite part of summer?


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