30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 1 Your Blog Name

Hey Guys

I know I have been neglecting my blog for a while now due to been at university and always been busy. I decided that a good way to apologise to you and also thank you for still sticking around would be to post every day in June and do the 30 day challenge. I know it is not the 3rd which means that you lucky people are going to get two today and two tomorrow so I catch up.

As you can see day 1 is your blogs name well the story behind my blog name is that I am obsessed with the
colours black and white which is where that part of the name came from. Due to the fact that when I created my blog I had applied to study at Chester University my family mainly my uncles kept saying sheep to me due to the fact that I don’t live far away from Wales and the stereotypes. So I mixed the two together and blackandwhitesheeps were created. I know it is not the most creative but it means something to me so this is why I am none as this.

What does your blog name mean?

Charlotte x

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