Life Update #1

Hey Guys

As you might have noticed I have had a bit of a break from blogging now I thought that I would update you where I have been what I have been up to the reason behind this is because I think that you all deserve to know where I have been.

First of all I got my a-level results 2 weeks ago I did better than I thought that I would do so this means that I got into my first choice university which is Chester and I will be studying sport and exercise science. This is a degree which not something which you would expect a beauty blogger to be studying right. I actually move to uni 3 weeks today so this means that I am sorting out things in my room and throwing a lot away as I have far too much which will not fit in the car I am going in.

I have been spending more time with my boyfriend because onviously due to me moving we are going to end up having a long distance relationship which means that we will not see as much of each other. We have been spending time at each others houses watching dvd’s and also having trip to the cinema only last night did we go and see Kick ass 2 which is one of the best films I have seen this year.

Last weekend I went down to London with my family the reason behind this was so that we could go down and support our favourite rugby team play at Wembley but of course been a blogger I managed to go shopping as well. I went to Westfield White City for the first time and manged to purchase some Kiko lipsticks and LA colors nail varnishes which you will see in a haul very soon.I had a lovely break down there and would love to be able to go down to London again maybe next year now as I am saving my money for other things now.

I had one night at home and was off again this time me and my Dad where just off on a trip together as a final break away before I go to uni and will not have as much time with the family. We went up to Edinburgh which is a beautiful city if you have never visited the main thing which I wanted to do up there was go and see the Panda’s well we got to the zoo and unfortunate there where off show on that day as too much stress could cause the mother to miscarry the baby panda they think she is having. But I had an amazing day anyway I have a lot of pictures mostly of Chimps because I love them so much and could watch them for hours so if you want to see a post about the zoo let me know. While I was up there I also managed to eat at Hard Rock Cafe for the 3rd time but the first one I have done in the UK and I always forget how amazing the food is let alone the whole restaurant.

I hope to be back blogging more regular now I am aiming to blog 3/4 times a week but there may be more posts before I go to uni as I find products I have forgot I have purchased. I am not going to make a scedule I will be posting randomly so follow my blog for updates.

What have you done recently?

Charlotte x 

2 thoughts on “Life Update #1

  1. Thank you lovely I have read some other bloggers saying that they do some really strange degrees which you would not expect them to do but never one doing sports science. I hope I have a great time

    Charlotte x

  2. Well done on getting into university! And you'd be surprised at the range of degrees that the fashion/beauty bloggers hold. In fact, most that I've come across seem to study (or have studied) something completely distant from fashion/beauty.

    You'll have a fab time at uni! 🙂

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