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Hey Guys

I apologies this post should have been up a couple of months ago but I thought it had published off my phone and just noticed that it actually hadn’t so I have decided that I will put this post up now.

Back in April I was supposed to receive my swap of Hettie but we had all kinds of trouble with the royal mail and this meant that she had to send me another package which I told her she didn’t have to do as she had already forked out the money. Around a week or two after she posted the second time I received a love envelope with loads of goodies in which was the swap. As you can see from the photo above I received a lot of products and here are what they are.

One of the first things I noticed was the W7 eyeshadow brush 01 I have never used a brush which has been  from W7 so this means that I can test and see if I will purchase more in the future. Unfortunately I have not tried this brush out yet as I am currently testing out a new set of brushes which I purchased but this brush looks like it is going to be very good for blending out eyeshadows.

Another product which I recieved in this swap from W7 was a lipstick from the pinks range its called Raspberry Ripple. This Lipstick is a matte finish it is a bright pink which is so wearable ever single day which means that I am going to get some wear out of this product. I think it does have a slight smell to it maybe it does actually smell of Raspberry Ripple who knows. This may become one of my go to lipsticks this summer.

I also received 2 Rimmel nail varnishes the first one is one of their 60 seconds range and the colour which I received is Instyle Coral which is one of the most beautiful coral colours that I have ever owned. I actually used this one one of my friends for prom and it looked nice with a tan so this is a colour which I think that I could be using a lot over these summer months. I have previously tried some colours from this range but for some reason never the one which I received.

The other Rimmel nail varnish i got  was the crack your colour top coat in silver clash which is a crackle top coat. I still have a few of these types of top coat from when they where all on tried a couple of years ago. So I have not used this on my nails yet but what I can see it looks a good top coat I may use this on my toes this summer as I am not really a big crackle fan anymore

I also recieved 3 lip products from Rimmel first I will talk about one of their lipsticks from the moisture renew range in the shade Sweetheart Tulips 215. Now I will admit that I do own this colour already now I believe that this does have SPF20 in the product I could be wrong but this is the most beautiful pink which is pretty subtle but also have a bit of shimmer in as well I think that this could be worn at any occasion so I will wear this just like I do my other one.

The next Rimmel Lipstick which I received was  Birthday Suit which is a brown colour which almost like toffee brown instead of nude which I thought it would be when I open the package and saw this lipstick  I have swatched this I am not a massive fan it feels like wax so I think this will go into my make up boxes which are back up until I fancy using it or end up selling it on.

The finally Rimmel Product I recieved was the Royal Gloss in Candy’licious this lipgloss tastes amazing it is so sweet you almost want to lick it off. It comes out of the tube really bright but when it goes onto your lips it looks really sheer so this means that it could amazing over a lipstick in the summer. This is how I think that I am going to wear it so don’t be surprised if you see this on the blog in the future.

The final lipgloss which I recieve is Fruity Strawberry I must admit that I thought that it may smell off strawberry but it doesn’t so this is not something which I was too impressed with it has a lot of shimmer in it as well so I think that this may be used when I am having a make up free day because I am not a massive fan of this but it will get used over time.

I received another nail varnish which I couldn’t be more pleased with it is Sally Hansen Hot Magenta and it is  a beautiful hot pink. This shade is going to get so much wear this summer I think I will be using it on both my toes and my hands this just reminds me of the sun and it is a colour which I would have purchased myself so I am so glad that I have this colour because I know Sally Hansen are a very good brand of nail polish and they last for a while without chipping

For my nails I also receive the Essence pocket beauty sos nail files which are so small which means that you can take them and when you are on the the go and then you can file them and not have to wait till you get home and do them so this is going to be something which I will use so much because I am always splitting nails when travelling and forget a nail file.

I also recieved some La La Lashes in La La Desire I was going to use these eye lashes from prom but then ended up having really bad eyes so I thought that it was best that I didn’t use any so I am going to use these one day probably when I go out or attend a party but I can’t wait to use these as they have gold glitter within the short and long lashes.

I also recieved the Rimmel Glam’eyes liquid liner in Intense Plum 003 due to the colour which I have this in I am going to use it for a cat eye look during a night out where I am not wearing loads of make up because of the fact that I find it less intense than a black which means that you don’t stand out too much and look over done when your not aiming to you seem to be able to get the perfect amount of product out with one application so this is a product which I could get a lot of use out of in the coming months because it is easy to use

NYC’s Eye shadow 920 A-Lister is another item which I received now I have used this in inner corner of my eye and have been told that it is a dupe for MAC Vanilla this is something which I was going to purchase before the swap now this is not going to be anywhere as good as the MAC on but it does what I want so thank you for saving me some money.

L’Oréal’s Color Infaillible in endless chocolat is pretty brown which could be easy used for a smokey eye which is something I think that this is a colour which I will use more for a night out and also more in the winter months  but this seems to have so much pigment so this makes me think I will use it.

This is the final make up item I recieved  Dainty Doll : Mascara & Eyeliner Duo : 001 Good Gosh Miss Molly this is a double ended mascara and also the black eyeliner. This would be amazing for travelling with because it is so light which is what I like. The eyeliner is so thin which means that you get it where you want and this is an intense black which can be used for day or night. The mascara doesn’t extend your lashes it makes them look so flat so this is not something I will use a lot.

Thank you for this swap
If anyone is interested in doing a swap with me let me know

Charlotte x

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  1. Aw, this is a lovely swap! The Dainty Doll mascara/eyeliner looks lovely, as you say, perfect for travelling light. I have a mega-packed make-up bag that I cart around, could do with some dual-use products!

    Milly x
    Mini Adventures

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