Review:L’Oreal 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution

Hi Guys

I decided that I would review a product which I decided to purchase because of the fact that I wanted to try Bioderma but I know how hard it still is to get it where I live so I decided that I would purchase a dupe which I could get my hands on in boots or superdrug. This is the first micellar solution that I have tried and this is what I think of it.

It feels like you are putting water on your face instead of an actually cleanser so this makes me feel like it is not going to clog my pores because it is thin instead of been really thick. I love the way this product can take off all my make up and it even takes of the waterproof mascaras that I use off which my eye makeup remover can struggle with so this is a massive advantage. It also means that I can now get my make up removed in a record time before it could take up to around 5 minutes to remove it with the eye remover I was using but this has the job done in around a minute or two which means that I can get to bed quicker which is always something that I am looking to do. All I do is put some on a cotton wool pad and then sweep it around my face and to remove my eye make up all I do its hold it near my eyes for a few seconds and it all come off onto the pad.

I don’t really suffer with sensitive skin but I have heard from my friends who have that this product doesn’t seem to cause them any problem so this must mean that the product is one which can be used on all skin types so this means should you be going on a girls holiday one of you can just take this and it will mean that you can all remove your make up without you having to take one each meaning more weight.

Have you tried this what did you think to it?

Charlotte x

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