Music This Month #2

Hi Guys

I know it has been a bit longer than a month since I did one of these post last but this is because my youtube has not been working so this means that I couldn’t put links to the songs so this is the reason behind the late post.

Avicii – Wake Me Up I love this so it really makes me happy the reason behind this is because it was always the song which seemed to be playing when my boyfriend picked me up so it became special and another reason is because I find it a good summer song which means it is perfect to drive to or in my case be driven listening to me.

The Wanted – Walks Like Rhianna This song gets stuck in my head so it means that I have to play it constant I usually don’t listen to The Wanted but this is a song which I really seem to be liking maybe I need to listen to more of them and then form an opinion on them  

Daft Punk-Get Lucky I love this song its so amazing I think it is because it reminds me of my 18th birthday weekend also prom and then the semi final which I attended yesterday so they all have happy memories in which has been not an amazing year for me so this is the reason that I think I have been playing this song 

What songs have you been playing?

Charlotte x

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