Our Weekly Meal Plan 12th November


I have decided that after a long time on not sharing my meal plans it is something which I want to get back into. I used to get a lot of inspiration from them and it helps me be able to look back on what meals we have eaten in the past. Then sometimes I added them to the menu as well. A lot of the meals this week are a little bit comfort  food. This is because of the changing weather my body is craving it. Also because I have been unwell for basically a month this is the kind of food I want. I think all but a couple of the meals this week will be made with meat free alternatives. In the new year I think I may actually take the plunge and go veggie I am about 80-90% there now. Anyway on to the meals on the menu this week.

Friday- Baked Cheeseburger Wrap with Fries, this is a pinch of nom recipe which I saw. This is basically a cheeseburger in a wrap instead of having all of the bun. I have got some fries which were on Checkoutsmart for Free to go with this. If you haven’t heard of it is an app which gives you money back for purchasing certain items. This meal is one which I am going to add gherkins in for me and Joe however, not for the kids as I feel like it is something which they will not enjoy. This is going to be a good fakeaway meal instead of ordering in.

Saturday- Chinese, we have a busy day on Saturday with a preloved sale and also a birthday party. Due to this we have decided that the kids are going to have some mini pizzas which are in the freezer already. We have decided that we are going to treat ourselves to a takeaway which is something which we have not done in a long time. I am thinking we are going to go down the Chinese route as this is not something we have had for a long time. Chinese is one of my favourite takeaways as well. For sure, it is something which I need after the past few weeks.

Sunday- Cowboy Stew, this again is another pinch of nom recipe. We have decided to make this because of the fact the weather is now cooling down. We are going to be out a lot of the day. This means we are going to be able to throw this in the slow cooker and then this is going to be cooking all day. This is so filling meaning that you do not have to have anything else with it. It is perfect for this time of year. I think I am going to have to see how I am going to be able to see if I can make this meat free. We know this is going to be one which we have again this winter. It can last a couple of days as well if you do it right.

Monday-  Veggie Pasties with Chips and Beans, this is a meal which I meant to make a few weeks ago. They were never in stock so we have decided that now they are we are going to have them. These are the no bull ones we have decided that we are going to make some chips to go with this. Since they could be slightly dry we have decided that we are going to add some beans if we have them in the cupboard. I am hoping we actually enjoy these because they are pretty easy to throw in the oven and cook. This is going to be something which I will let you know how we find them.

Tuesday- Cajun Chicken Baguettes, this is a meal which I saw on Instagram. This is going to be something which we end up making with the meat free roast chicken. We need a super easy meal because of the fact that Jess is going to Taekwondo. With this meal it does not matter if I end up having to feed the kids a little bit before we make it for us. This is going to be hopefully a tasty meal I may end up serving this with a side salad. Or I might actually do some more wedges or something warm it will depend on the weather. I can see this been a meal which we end up making again for a lunch as well.

Wednesday- Pigs In Blankets Pizza’s, this is another meal which I found on Instagram. I am slowly starting to include some of the festive meals. I actually am going to use some wraps. This is going to be a meal which if Jess is not too tired she is going to help me make. I may not serve this with the cranberry sauce however, we do have some in the fridge.  Pizza is something simple to make we already have some of the mini pizza bases. Which we could use  if we opt against the wraps. This is something which I am sure the whole family will enjoy this meal.

Thursday- Cheesy Fajita Boats, this is another meal which we have got from Instagram. This is going to be used made with meat free chicken this is one which we have made before. I am unsure if we are going to add as much as cheese. We have the boats for this meal instead of making some of the from the wraps. No doubt there is going to be left overs because I can never seem make the right amount of fajitas.

Sadly Katy is no longer doing the meal plan now. Karen has decided that she is going to run the weekly linky. Where other bloggers do share there meal plans. It is always really interesting to see what other people are having for their meals.

What is on your menu this week?


Charlotte xx




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