100 Day Spending Ban

Hi Guys

I have been think about how much stuff and I am moving to uni in September which means that I am not going to have as much space and also it is going to be so much effort to move all of the things that I own seeing as I can’t just pop home and get something if I forget it.

I have decided that I am going to set myself a 100 day spending challenge. This is going to start today 1st May this means that if I have worked it out correctly it will end on the 9th August. 


I can purchase essentials such as cotton pads, deodorant etc
I can purchase something if I have nothing left of it in any form such as if I have no body lotion I could buy some.
Anything else I can’t spend but I can purchase things for uni that I need or Prom
I can go out for drinks and entertainment but there is a limit of £40 per Month on this
I can only buy presents for people who have birthday’s or any other occasions

I think that I am going to purchase a Pandora kangaroo charm if I manage to keep within the rules and use up some of the boxes of products that I have stored at the moment. 

I will be going weekly update posts to show you what I am tempted to break my challenge for. I am also going to keep all the empties and do one massive empties post at the end of the challenge  You will also see hauls as I have got loads coming up that I have already purchased.

Could you do something like this?

Charlotte x

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