10 Ways You Can Lighten A Dark Room

Figuring out how to add light and brighten a dark room can be challenging, especially when you first move into a space, or become accustomed to the light you have. It’s even more challenging if your space doesn’t have many windows that enable natural light to flow. However, there are ways that you can decorate your office or home in order to transform it into a brighter space. 

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As well as being challenging, it can also be fun to add light to your space. It’s also an essential part of any interior design, so, let’s have a look at some of the great ways you can brighten any dark room in your home: 

Put Mirrors Near Light Sources 

Mirrors reflect natural sunlight, and it is an age old tip that is used in interior design planning. Mirrors are able to expand visual space and also help to brighten a dark room. If you want to get the most out of the use of mirrors, they need to be strategically placed near a light source. For example, if you use a floor mirror or wall mirror it can help to amplify natural lighting. Adding table lamps or a floor lamp near a mirror can also help to mimic the effect. 

Use Ambient Light Sources 

You can soften any room and add light by using candles, fairy lights, and other ambient lighting. This works really well if you are trying to avoid adding too much luminosity and just want a touch of additional light. This kind of lighting can also benefit from an added therapeutic feel. Just make sure they have a yellow, warm light. You could even consider using an Electrician to install some dimmer switches and create an ambient light source using your existing lights. 

Cover Floors Using Large And Bright Area Rugs

Yout can easily brighten up any room by adding a light coloured rug to your bare floors. It will add texture, softness, and make your floors seem like they glow. This can be especially useful if you have dim spaces with darker floor boards. When you are looking for a new rug, make sure you choose yellow, white/ivory, or a warmer huge combo. This will help to expand the visual space in your room, make sure the rug is larger than you would normally buy. 

Use White Walls 

Although for some, white walls are a love it hate sort of interior choice, you cannot deny the amount of help it provides to gaining a brighter space with more natural light. White can help to send light bouncing around your room rather than absorbing it. If you really don’t like white, make sure you use lighter tones and stick to just one wall in a darker colour.


Clean Your Windows Regularly

You may be surprised how much light can be stopped from entering a room just because the windows are dirty. And this may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s important. Just like when you are wearing glasses and the slightest smudge can alter the view you receive, it’s the same with your windows but you don’t notice it as much. It’s a good idea to either clean your windows yourself once a month or arrange for a window cleaning service to do it for you. It’s not usually too expensive to arrange this. You will soon start to appreciate how much it helps bring the natural light into your home

Choose Light Curtains 

You should choose to simplify the decoration of your windows and choose lighter colours. You can still get black out blinds and curtains in a lighter shade, and benefit from blocking out the light when you want to but bringing in the additional light too. 

Don’t Overcrowd Your Walls 

A common mistake for many is trying to add too many design features to the walls. Less is more, and carefully selected pieces of art will work much better at keeping the space light than trying to add too much. If you live in a space that really struggles with light, the walls need to be kept as bare as possible to maximise the light bouncing around. Try to maximise yourself to just three pieces in each room. Including a mirror. 


As you can see, it may seem like a challenge to brighten a dark room, however, with a little bit of creativity you can have fun creating a bright and welcoming space. Mirrors certainly aren’t your only option. Why not share some of your ideas or success stories in the comments below. 

Have you had this problem? How did you overcome it?

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