10 things I have enjoyed this week #1

10 things that I have enjoyed this week

  1. Managing not to purchase anything that I didn’t need 
  2. Getting the grade I need to keep me on track to go to uni
  3. My favorite rugby team winning 
  4. Having a nice walk to clear my head
  5. Getting into double figures of followers on my blog
  6. Having a good catch up with friends
  7. Completing more levels of hay day
  8. Spending Sunday in my onesie
  9. Rediscovering Bruno Mars
  10. Showing my mum how much she means to me 
What have you guys enjoyed this week?

Charlotte x
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3 thoughts on “10 things I have enjoyed this week #1

  1. I know this year will be the my last year which I will be able to do that because of the fact that in September I hopefully while be starting uni in Chester. Which will mean that it will be hard to come home just for a weekend.

    Charlotte x

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