Jess at 6

  Dear Jess Today is your 6th birthday how time has flown. It does not seem a long time ago since you turned 5 and started school. But it has been a whole year since that happened now. You have really thrived been at school it was something which I think you were more than […]

Our Favourite Meat Free Products

Recently something which I have noticed is the supermarkets upping their plant based ranges. As you may know if you read my weekly meals plans we are not vegan or veggies. However, something which we are trying to do is cut down our meat consumption. Recently we have been purchasing more from the plant based […]

Tips For Selling Unwanted Items

Selling unwanted things is something which we have done for a number of years. We sold a lot before we moved house in order not to have to transport it. We have also ended continuing this to make more in order to pay for some of the extras. I have used a number of different […]

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