Music This Month #1

Hi Guys

Instead of showing my favourite beauty products at the moment because I am chopping or changing products so I have decided to share the music which I have been listening to this month. If you enjoy this I think that I may make this a regular feature so on to the music.

Passenger – Let Her Go I love this song I found it really easy to revise to and also I feel like I can connect with the lyrics because of the fact that someone will miss me when I go because of the fact that he doesn’t bother with me when I am here why should I when I move and he will know how the lyrics feel.

Olly Murs- Dear Darlin’ This song is another one which I have found really easy to revise to so this is why I have been listening to it. I miss someone who has left now to go home from uni and I will never see him again because when he comes back I will have gone and there is no way that we could have meet up so we had to let each other go.

Emeli Sande – Next To Me I love this song it has a deep meaning and is slowish which means

that I could revise to it which is something that I have been looking for in songs this month.
I remember sports personality of the year 2012 and the photos of those who passed away that year came up with this song. It reminds me of this even more as one of my favourite Speedway rider passed away 

These songs are not in the usually genre that I listen to but these are what I have found myself listening to. What are you listening to at the moment?

Charlotte x

Dupe #2

Hi Guys

I am back with another dupe this time is it a shower gel which is aimed at men but I really do like the smell of this.

This shower gel is a dupe for Lynx Africa but this one is miles cheaper because of the fact that the Lynx last time I saw it was around £2 mark and this one when I purchased it was only £1.50 and this is a miles bigger bottle which means that you get more of the product which means more value for money which is something that we all want you don’t use a lot more of the product like you do with other dupes and this smells the same or very  similar

The bottle is harder to store due to the fact that the bottle is so large some people may struggle to get this on there bath or in the shower. These are the only point that is the difference this doesn’t seem to foam up as well either but this is something which I think you come to expect when you are only using a cheap product so this has not bothered me.

Unfortunate for you guys I can’t find this product on avon’s site so I am unsure if they are still stocking this but when or if I do find this I will update this post so that you guys can get your hands on it.

What is your favourite shower gel dupe?

Charlotte x 

What’s On My Nails #5

Hey Guys 

Due to it been exam season I have not been spending as much time painting my nails with glitter or even doing nail art but today when searching through pictures to use on my blog I noticed that I has not shared this look that I did apologizes that the nail vanish is slightly chipped as the photo was taken a few days after I have done this. 

I have used Essie Sensitivity Base Coat which I find is the best base coat I have used to date. Feelunique see this and it can be purchased for £8.55 here. I think I paid around £3 for mine at The Original Factory Store so it may be worth checking in there. I know I say the same ever time but you really do need to own this. I am gutted because I have managed to lose mine.

For the white I used Sally Hanson Hard as Nails in White Tip I think it’s shade 07 but I could be wrong. I have put two coats of this on so that it was completely opaque. This colour is usually used for french nails but I want to get some more use out of mine so this is why I used it.  I am unsure where I purchased my bottle of this polish but you can get it here for £1.95 plus p+p. This polish lasted around 5/6 days without chipping which is something which is always a benefit.

I used a dotting tool to do the spots I purchased mine off eBay a year or so ago but the seller now doesn’t stock them but I have found the same ones on Amazon here. I have had no problems using mine it was the green one I used for my dots and it was the larger of the dots if this makes sense.

For the black dots that I have done I used a Basic Claire’s Accessories nail polish I have had this polish for years so I am unsure if you can still purchase this in the stores now but you can get it online here. This polish lasted around 2/3 days which is not bad as I must have had it open around 3/4 years when I was an emo girl you could say. The formulae may have changed over this time so it may be better now than mine

Finally to seal my nail varnish I used Sally Hanson Hard As Nails which is the best top coat that I have used that is clear. I did pick this bottle that I am using up in The Original Factory Store for £3. You can purchase this from Boots here.

What are your favourite nail art designs and who knows they could end up been featured on this blog pretty soon.

Charlotte x

OPI Minnie Mini Swatches

Hi Guys

Sorry for the long gap between posts but I have been revising for an exam roll on a week on Friday when I say bye bye A Level Geography.  As a bit of a treat to myself for revising I decided that I would purchase this mini set of OPI because there is nothing more I like than painting my nails to relax.

Due to the fact that one of the colours which you receive in the set is a top coat I have decided that I will only do the swatches of the 3 actual ones which have colour in them 

The colour which is on the right is The colour of Minnie. Opi says you had this little mouse at “red”. Which is the most perfect red colour you could wear this easily with some glitter over the top or even on it’s own this would look amazing on a first date maybe with a little black dress as well. I don’t think I will repurchase this because of the fact that I have a massive stash of plain red colours.

The colour in a middle is I’m all ears. Opi says tell me how much you love this magenta shimmer. The shimmer in this nail polish makes me love it even more because I think that it would look amazing with a tan which is something that I would love to get this summer. This is such a summer shade which I think that would love ever skin tone. I love this colour so much so I may have to think about purchasing the whole bottle if it looks nice on my nails.

The colour on the end is If you moust you moust. Opi says you gotta pink what you gotta pink. This is one of the most amazing baby pink colours that I have owned. I would love use a white colour to make lines and then this would make it even more perfect so this is something else which you may see coming on the blog soon. I am more than likely to repurchase this colour.

The other nail polish that you get is RapiDry topcoat.Opi says non-yellowing ,end smear, smudges and streaks. I haven’t used this yet but I think I will do when I paint my nails next time. I have only ever heard amazing things about this topcoat so I hope it is as good as people say. I am may purchase this if it is a good topcoat.

What OPI Polishes would you recommend me purchasing?

Charlotte x

Bookworm #3 – New York Valentine

Hi Guys

I have read this book not that long ago so I decided that I would do my review so you know what I thought about it I must admit it did take me a while to find the energy to finish it off so here goes.


Love is in the air!
Personal shopper Annie Valentine has a dream job in the heart of fabulous Manhattan.
Daughter Lana is lost in the heat of first love, but has she fallen for a heart-breaker?
In London husband Ed faces a scandal at work and knows, in his heart, he needs Annie back.
What’s a girl to do when her true love is in London but her new love is New York?
Does it have to be fashion or family, or can Annie Valentine have it all

My Review:

Annie Valentine is in a bit of a mess when we first meet her, she is a super busy mum of four and her fashion TV career is in jeopardy. When the offer comes for Annie to work in New York for a few weeks with her eldest daughter Lana, she jumps at the chance of getting away from it all.
Annie and Lana completely fall in love with New York they are there to help set up a new fashion label, so they are soon thrown in to the glamorous world of Fifth Avenue and cocktails at lunchtime. However all is not well in London, Anna’s husband Ed is facing accusations at work and needs his wife’s support more than ever. But Anna is torn she doesn’t want to be apart from her family but she does not want to leave New York either.

I really didn’t take to the character of Annie Valentine until the very end of the book. I felt that she was really selfish bu dropping everything including four members of her family so she could go to New York. However, I did enjoy reading about the relationship that develops between Annie and her daughter Lana while they are away.One of my favourite parts of this book were the descriptions of New York Carmen Reid describes the exciting and vibrant city so well that it becomes easy to understand why Annie is so in love with it.New York Valentine is a bit different to most chick lit it isn’t about a single woman searching for love but more about family and the important role it plays in our lives. 

I would recommend this book if you have read the one before I hadn’t and this is why I think it took me so long to finish the book.

What are you currently reading x


Bookworm #2 – It Started With A Kiss

Hi Guys

As you have properly noticed I have not done on of these for a while this is because I have been reading books but forgetting to post a review on my blog. So ever Sunday now I am going to review books that I have finished as it takes me about a week to read books and also I can do ones which I have a ready finished if I have not completed the book right now after all that waffle here comes the review. 

The blurt:
Fairytale of New York, join our heroine Romilly as she discovers how far she will go to find the man of her dreams. What would you do to find the one that got away? As the singer in a wedding band, Romily Parker has seen her fair share of happy endings, even though her own love life isn’t quite as simple. On the last Saturday before Christmas, (shortly after disastrously declaring her love for best friend Charlie), Romily has a brief encounter with a handsome stranger whose heart-stopping kiss changes everything. Determined to find him again, Romily embarks on a yearlong quest, helped (and sometimes hindered) by enthusiastic Uncle Dudley, cake-making Auntie Mags and flamboyant Wren. Will she find the man of her dreams? Or could true love be closer than she thinks?

I really enjoyed reading this book. I fell in love with all the characters, apart from the few who mocked and didn’t support Romily in her quest. I did didn’t manage to guess the ending of this book which is something which I usually do so this pleased me so much.I loved how Charlie decided he had feelings for her, which was kind of inevitable as that what guys are like but I’m glad it ended how it did between then and she finally got the guy who had been feeling the same way. Uncle Dudley and Aunt Mags were amazing I’d love them as relatives – so supportive unlike her parents.  I can’t praise this book enough as I’ve never read something like this before . I totally recommend you to do go read this if you have not read it.

What book have you read recently.

Charlotte x

The Make Up Tag

I saw this tag over on over on Hannah’s Blog I think that you should all check her out. I tag you all to do this tag because I had a lot of fun doing it.

1. When did you start putting on makeup?

I would say when I was like 13/14 proberly I know this is really late compared to some people

2. How did you learn to put on makeup?

Youtube videos and then testing out the products on me that I owned

3. Favourite Brand?

Revlon or Rimmel

4. Do you like wearing foundation & if so, which do you use?

I don’t mind it and at the moment I am using an old Avon one to get rid of it  

5. Favourite lipstick, lip-gloss and lip liner?

Lipstick would be any by Topshop or Rimmel 
Lipgloss I am not using one at the moment
Lip-Liner – Secret Party by Topshop

6. Do you like/wear false lashes? If yes, strip or individual?

I don’t wear them but I want to try them out soon 

7. Favourite eye shadow colour?

Neutrals because they are so easy to wear for every day

8. What’s your favourite daytime look?

Dramatic Lip neturalish eyes

9. Do you have a makeup collection?

Its growing every day when I am not on a spending ban

10. Favourite makeup brush?

Don’t have one at the moment I keep changing them

11. Do you like wearing bronzer?

Not that bothered and I am not using it at the moment so 

12. Favourite mascara?

Rimmel Sexy Curves 

13. Where do you keep your makeup?

In boxes or a draw

14. Favourite YouTube guru(s)?

 Tanya Burr, Zoella ,Sprinkle of Glitter & Missbudgetbeauty

15. Do you wear blush?

Most days yep

16. Do you copy any of the celebrity’s makeup?

Not really that bothered about them

17. Favourite makeup artist?

I have no clue

18. What’s your favourite night time look?

Smokey Eye.

19. Favourite concealer?

Collections Lasting Perfection

20. Favourite eye shadow primer?

Benefit Lemon Aid is what I am using at the moment I think

21. Where do you buy your makeup?

Mainly online but superdrug if offline

22. Favourite toner?

Tea Tree by The Body Shop

23. Favourite eye shadow palette and blush palette?

Bobbypin that has no name and I use individual blushes so 

24. Which do you like: cream, matte, powder, sheer, or shimmer eye shadows?

Matte or shimmer

25. Favourite eyeliner?

Pencil  doesn’t matter of the brand.

26. Do you wear makeup everyday?

Yes if I am going out

27. Favourite powder?

Rimmel Stay Matte

28. Favourite makeup remover?

Don’t have one at all

30. Would you go somewhere without wearing makeup?

Yes on holiday or swimming 

If you do this tag let me know I would love to read it 

Charlotte x

Nails of the week #4

Hey Guys
I know it has been a while since I did one of these this is due to the fact that I have not been playing with my nails so I have had nothing to show you.
I have used Essie Sensitivity Base Coat which I find is the best base coat I have used to date. Feelunique see this and it can be purchased for £8.55 here. I think I paid around £3 for mine at The Original Factory Store so it may be worth checking in there. I know I say the same ever time but you really do need to own this.

For the main colour I used Avon Nailwear Pro in Blue Escape. I have used just two coats of this and it is this beautiful colour but beware it doesn’t have the glitter in it that you can see in the picture above. This colour lasted 3-4 days which is amazing as this is not the most expensive nail polish.  The sad news is that you can’t now get this colour it must have been a polish from their last summers range.

The glitter that I have used of course is Technic in Carnival. This nail varnish I love I think it looks so pretty over the top of any colour.  The glitter is not too sparse it is more than enough and also the fact that there are different colour glitter I think makes me love this nail polish even more. I am tempted soon to use this on it’s own to see what it looks like.I  purchased this again from The Original Factory Store for £2 but if you don’t have one of these or a bodycare you can purchase it here for £2.61.

Finally to seal my nail varnish I used Sally Hanson Hard As Nails which is the best top coat that I have used that is clear. I did pick this bottle that I am using up in The Original Factory Store for £3. You can purchase this from Boots here.
What’s you favourite Avon nail polish? let me know in the comments and also if you have any recommendations on what to put carnival over let me know too

Charlotte x

Essie Haul

Hi Guys

Before I went on my spending ban I decided that I was going to order some Essie nail polishes as they are one of my favourite brands and I found them for £2.99 each which meant that I saved £5 per nail polish so below are the polishes which I got my hands on.

The one on the far left is Sweet Talker this colour is just the perfect baby blue one which you will be able to do loads of nail art with and also can use so much during the spring and summer months as it will look amazing with a tan. I think that I will get a lot of wear out of this colour so look out for it on my blog. This colour is still available on direct cosmetics as this post is written.

The one next to this is Virgin Orchid this colour is baby pink which has a golden shimmer running through it this will be perfect for this time of year as I always think that they look amazing with a tan. You could always create your own french manicure look with this colour this is another colour I think that I am going to get so much wear out off.Look out for this colour in future on my blog This colour is still available on direct cosmetics as this post is written

Next to this is Imported Bubbly this is a pearly white this is going to be perfect for when I create french manicures this is not a colour I have in my collection this will look perfect with a tan if I keep seeing the sun in the UK this colour could be used a lot for nail art as well so look out for this on my blog as I start again doing nail art. This colour is also still available as I write this post on direct cosmetics.

The red one is Head Mistress this is one of the most perfect blood red colours I have ever owned I picked this beauty up because I don’t own a nice red colour all of the ones I own I am not a massive fan of and I needed one because I want to include red on a nail art idea I have had with my stamper set. I think I will get more use out of this colour in the autumn winter time but while it was so cheap I picked it up now. This colour is not available any longer on direct cosmetics.

The dark colour in the middle is Skirting The Issue this is a red wine colour which I am going to get loads of use out of in the autumn winter time this is a colour like nothing that I own which is one of the reasons that I purchased this you might see me using this before the autumn time depending but it is highly unlikely that I will use it during the summer. This colour also is not available any longer on direct cosmetics

The colour next to this is Capri this is one of the most amazing coral / orange colours I have seen at the moment and this is also another colour which I don’t have in my collection this is going to look so amazing with a tan and also with nail art which is why I purchased this colour. This colour is still actually available as this post goes up on direct cosmetics.

The colour one from the end is Neo Whimsical which I can only describe as a dusky pink this colour will just again look so amazing with a tan in the summer months which is why I purchased this also I think that it will look amazing with stripes of darker/brighter polishes over it so expect to see this on my nails in the next few months.This colour is actually still available from direct cosmetics as this post goes up.

Finally the last one is Flawless this colour is a rose pink that I think I have fallen in love with I can’t wait to wear when I have a good tan or even now the reason behind this is because it looks so beautiful this will look good as nail art and also as a basic polish. This colour is still available soon direct cosmetics so while it is I think you should all get your hands on it.

If you would like to see swatches of these colours just ask me below in the comments also what is your favourite colour  of the ones I have purchased?

Charlotte x

Versatile Blogger Award

Hi Guys 

I have been nominated for the versatile blogger award by the lovely Katie she has a lovely blog so you should go and check her out.  

The Rules:1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Include a link to their blog.3. Select 15 new blog/bloggers you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
4. Nominate those bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and a comment on their latest post to let them know they’ve been nominated.
5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7 Facts about me

  1. I really love sport I want to work in the industry in the future hopefully in Australia working in Rugby League that’s the dream that I am chasing.
  2. I don’t wear make up every day because I like to save it for times when I think that I need it and also this saves me money which is amazing and I am not trying to impress anyone
  3. Since I have started blogging I have started to watch tv less because I spend more time looking for inspirational for my section of the blog.
  4. I spend a lot of time on my iPhone this is because it seems to have everything that I need on it which means I now spend even less time on my laptop which means I use skype less than I used to as well
  5. I would love to travel the world and this is not something that I would be afraid to do alone if I have to because nobody wants to do it with me
  6. Candles are something that I keep on buying and this is why I keep buying them in my spending ban because they are for uni that’s what I keep telling myself but we will see if they last that long
  7. I would love to be able to meet more bloggers so if you know of any meetups let me know please.
I don’t know any bloggers who haven’t done this so I tag you all if you haven’t done it do it and say I tagged you  let me know in the comments if you have done this as I would like to read it 

Charlotte x